Zombie Origins.

There are SEVEN known origins for the various types of zombie...

People are getting sick, people are dying.  Before they die, or after they die, depending on the movie, they turn zombie.  It can sometimes only involve a single sick person (zombie), but regardless, YOU ARE NOT SAFE!

The Virus or Infection could be of an unknown origin, or it could even originate from OUTER SPACE for all we know! Sometimes it could be the side effect of some radiation or toxic waste or crazy chemicals or nuclear accident that takes a dead body, or living body, or many dead or living bodies, and creates horrible zombie(s).

This may or may not be a man-made Virus, but either way, no one has ever seen anything like it.  No one knows how to stop it.

Textbook examples:
Last Man on Earth, Return of the Living DeadUndead.

Maybe they're trying to advance modern science, maybe they're trying to bring back a loved one, maybe they're just plain Mad.

The Mad Scientist is a (usually) rogue scientist that has taken his research at least one step too far.  Their experiment has gone terribly wrong (or perhaps terribly right).  Their experiment has led to zombie(s).

Textbook examples:
Bowery at MidnightRe-Animator, Insanitarium.


The only real difference between this and the Mad Scientist, is that the experiment (gone wrong / right) has been funded and ordered by a large group of people, investors, a private company (often a pharmaceutical company) or by the government or the military.

Please note, if a Corporate or Military Scientist goes rogue, strays from the research and causes zombie(s), then, well, that's simply a Mad Scientist.

At times the by-product of the Research & Development will cause a full on disease-zombie-outbreak!

Textbook examples:
The CraziesBio-ZombieResident Evil.


Black Magic

Black Magic! Curses! Witchcraft! Satanism! Hypnosis! Voodoo!

Essentially, some kind of Chinese Wizard, Native-American Shaman, Salem Witch, Satan Worshiper, Hypnotist, Baron Samedi, etc. is the cause of the zombie(s).  They might be puppet masters controlling the zombie(s) as slaves or soldiers, or they may have just magically / accidentally resurrected the dead and brought Hell on Earth.

The scenarios are endless.

Textbook examples:
White Zombie, Plague of the Zombies, Dead Alive.



Sometimes a zombie is actually a possessed person.  No two Demons are alike, and the possessed don't always look or act the same, but the truth is, at any time, ANY ONE OF US CAN TURN into a monster with unpredictably horrible symptoms!  Symptoms can often include killing and/or eating people.

Seriously, no one is safe.  Wait, have I said that before?

In the case of Extraterrestrial Possession, this can also be manifested in different ways.  They can look like Demons, or they can simply be Snatched Bodies... But the Aliens have come, and they want to take over.  Using our bodies.  Or one body, whatever.  Sypmtoms will often ALSO include killing and/or eating people.

Textbook examples:
Invisible InvadersPrince of Darkness, [REC]2.

Sometimes people die, and there is some UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

Maybe they were wronged, or someone they love was wronged, or they simply cannot proceed into the afterlife until something is completed.  The Unfinished Business, that is.

War seems to bring this about rather often.  War changes people.  Sometimes into zombies... This can either involve one or more Re-Animated Soldiers, veterans who have gone "crazy", or Supernatural Evil Forces, usually in the form of Nazi Zombies, believe it or not, became something of a sub-genre.  Never take Nazi gold.  Ever.

Textbook examples:
DeathdreamManiac Cop, Dead Snow.

Think "When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth".

No one knows why there are zombies really, or at least, it's never made clear to the viewer.  Even if it spreads like a Virus, there is something bigger at play here, something evil, PURE EVIL.  It's not even necessarily just the recently deceased coming back... you may get to see some WAY old corpses rising from their graves.

Maybe the gates of Hell are open, who knows?  That seems to be a popular way to make zombies.

Textbook examples:
Tombs of the Blind DeadThe Beyond, Versus.


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